About Karen Yoakum (“Coach K”) & Diva Squad Fitness:


First & foremost, I treat my clients and athletes as paying customers and I strive to go beyond the expectations of my clients.  My business is based upon how I can serve you best, how much I can give to you and I pride myself on the customer service that I provide to those that invest in me to help them reach their goals. I’ve analyzed the coaching business within in the fitness industry & I’ve built my business on what I felt was truly lacking.

Additionally, I pride myself on being mentally & emotionally supportive as well as a mentor within the fitness industry.

In combining my ISSA Fitness & Sports Nutrition education, my education (specifically sociology & psychology) from the University of Florida, my experience as a professional bodybuilder, and my business & communication experience – I was motivated to start my own fitness company where my clients’ success, happiness, and health are my number one priorities.  

I believe my ability to be empathetic, to be honest, to be supportive, and to psychologically understand each client has aided in the success of my clients.  Having worked with clients all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America, I feel extremely grateful that I have had the opportunity to help people become happier, healthier, more confident, mentally stronger, physically stronger, and achieve things they never knew possible.  I’m working hard in this life to be remembered as someone that was a giver and improved the lives of others.  



*ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) Certified Fitness Trainer and ISSA Specialist in Sports Nutrition

* I was chosen by the ISSA to represent them in their National ads which have appeared in Shape magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine, and Oxygen magazine.

* IFBB Physique Pro Athlete – turned pro at 2014 Nationals in Miami, Florida. In my competitive career, I competed in the Figure Division (as an amateur), Pro Women’s Physique AND Pro Women’s Bikini.  

*To my knowledge, the first IFBB pro athlete to compete in Women’s Physique & then transform and compete in the Pro Bikini Division.

* Sponsored by: Blackstone Labs, PurStrands Salon, My Pure Life meal company, Ravish Sands Competition Suits, Glam Competition Jewelry, Ultimate Cryotherapy and Boca Tanning Club – Central Boca.

* I have turned many first time competitors into 1st place Champions / Overall Champions and helped athletes reach pro status in the IFBB.

* Not only have I helped my clients design their best bodies, but I have also helped them achieve improved health such as lower cholesterol by creating specific meal programs based on their health needs.

A little more about Coach K:

* I started my own business at the age of 25 and have worked for myself for the past 11 years.

* I received an academic scholarship for college.

* I was a fast pitch softball pitcher, played competitively for 13 years, and as a freshman I was a starting pitcher and infielder on my high school varsity team.

* I made the varsity cheerleading team in high school having never cheered before.

* I’ve worked since the age of 16 and during my college education. I’ve always worked in customer service & sales and also in retail management and promotional modeling.

* I moved to South Florida after graduating from the University of Florida in 2004. Having been to South FL one time- I loved it, lined up a sales job and moved by myself to Ft. Lauderdale. Since then I have lived in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach county.

* I’ve always marched to the beat of my own drum, taken responsibility for my own life, and have created a life that I love.

*Transforming my own physique has absolutely changed my life. Fitness has made me stronger in every aspect of my life and I am extremely passionate about showing others the power of fitness. Mind. Body. Soul.


Fitness & meal programs designed to help you lose weight, or gain muscle, or build a booty, or tone up, or improve your health, OR all of the above!


*Diva Squad Fitness helps those that have never ever exercised or dieted before and those that have years of experience who are looking for guidance and accountability to keep them on track!  Tired of guessing what works? Tired of being motivated for a few days and then falling off completely? WE KNOW! That’s why we are here! 🙂

*Programs are customized around YOUR life & experience level to make YOU successful!  Look at all these options: Home workouts. Gym workouts. Meal programs that offer: Balanced nutrition. Gluten free. Vegetarian. Easy meal suggestions for those with busy schedules. Workout routines provided for 3-6 days per week based on your schedule AND the amount of time you have.  We will determine your needs together!

AND!  We have an app!  The Diva Squad Fitness app allows for your customized program to be at your fingertips!


The app is included in your program and the app provides these capabilities:

– upload your progress photos

– track your weight & measurements

– view your stats via graphs to see your weight loss/gain & inches lost.

– track the weight you lift for each exercise (if desired)

– compare your progress photos to see your body change week-to-week or month-to-month

– view your workout calendar & check off the workouts you’ve completed

– view video demonstrations of every exercise so you’ll never feel confused about an exercise again

– have your meal program at your fingertips on your phone

– have access to a direct messenger with Coach K to ask questions anytime!

My clients are loving this app and the accountability it provides!

Contest Prep!  Bikini, Figure & Women’s Physique AND POSING!

Coaching programs for local, national, and international clients.  NPC/IFBB Bikini, Figure, & Women’s Physique. Here at Diva Squad Fitness we also pose EVERY client that we work with. Posing & stage presentation is something we are very talented in and passionate about. Our programs are all inclusive- meaning that everything you need to be successful and know for show day, is provided right here at Diva Squad Fitness!

  • Meal programs provided
  • Workouts provided
  • Precise cardio programs provided
  • Unlimited support, motivation & coaching
  • Posing & Presentation sessions included
  • Assistance with head to toe look for the stage
  • Extensive program instructions provided
  • Weekly check-ins