Diva Squad Fitness clients have been successful because they have been provided with all of the tools needed to transform their bodies.

We will work together through the Diva Squad Fitness app!  Our clients are loving all of the features that you’ll see below.  I personally love that the app feels personal, is easy to use, and clients can easily communicate if they have questions or need assistance.

We will work as a team to achieve your goals!  Your program will include the following tools:

  • Meal programs

  • Workout & cardio programs

  • Contest guidance & contest feedback

  • Unlimited support, motivation & coaching

  • Motivational emails

  • Weekly check-ins

The app is included and in the app you can:

– upload your progress photos

– track your weight & measurement stats

– view your stats via graphs to see your weight loss/gain & inches lost.

– track the weight you lift for each exercise (if desired)

– compare your progress photos to see your body change week-to-week or month-to-month

– view your workout calendar & check off the workouts you’ve completed

– view video demonstrations of every exercise so you’ll never feel confused about an exercise again

– have your meal program at your fingertips on your phone

– utilize the direct messenger to ask questions anytime!


Our clients are loving this app and the accountability it provides!


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