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Competitor Off Season Program



  • Assessment of current physique
  • Discussion of improvements needed 
  • Meal program
  • Workouts & cardio program
  • Recommendation for future contests
  • Weekly check-ins

Diva Squad Contest Prep

  • Meal program
  • Workouts for all fitness levels
  • Precise cardio program to follow
  • Unlimited support, motivation & coaching
  • Posing & Presentation sessions included
  • Assistance with head to toe look for the stage
  • Extensive program instructions provided
  • Weekly check-ins

12 week prep $750
16 week prep $999

* $500 minimum due up front (please contact me for details)

Personalized Team Robes


Represent your team on show day with this gorgeous purple robe personalized with your name on it! Perfect for backstage to wear over your suit or for when you need to go into the lobby and be covered up. Your robe will also come in handy when you are practicing your posing – wear this over your suit from the locker room to the aerobics room so you don’t give all the guys at the gym heart attacks : )

**Local Pickup not available for this item

Posing Package


The A to Z of posing & stage presence

  • Three 60 minute sessions included in person or via FaceTime/Skype​
  • Custom posing that suits your specific physique
  • Recommendations on your head to toe stage look
  • Tips & secrets on posing & what to expect on show day
  • Information on what the judges are looking for
  • How to captive the judges!

The Diva Squad Fitness Gym Bag (Black)


The Diva Squad Fitness bag is perfect for a Diva! With numerous pockets – you have a pocket for your keys, cell phone, money, water bottle, shoes, lip gloss, etc! Get great use out of this bag by using it for the gym, for show day and for travel.