So I lost 18.6 pounds! And just wanna say thank you so so much for helping me and keeping me accountable and working with me and my horrible schedule!! I appreciate it so much!! Since I’ll be living at the academy soon, I will definitely be contacting you after that!! I’m very pleased with my results I just looked back at my pictures! It’s a slow process but I’m on the right track! So again thank you so much I can’t wait to start again!!! :)))  –  Valentina G. / Boston, MA

Karen is a true professional.  I explained my goals, she listened and she made it happen. She has a way of understanding my needs and can tweak and adjust the program to help obtain my goals. Karen was also an emotional support when I needed it. She took time to address my concerns with the utmost positive attitude which helped me tremendously!   Before signing up I didn’t have motivation or accountability. I wasn’t sure if I could do it mentally and physically. I did not know what to expect and how I would fit it in my life. I saw many amazing results from Karen’s other clients on Instagram and read their reviews and testimonials. With Karen’s guidance and very explicit instruction, I took it one step at a time. The work out app is how I kept accountable and the weekly progress check ins.  I lost body fat and a few pounds. I wasn’t interested in losing weight but overall more interested in reshaping my body and I did! I see muscles I haven’t seen in years and my goal was to gain muscle. I sleep better and I don’t have the pain in my joints I use to have. I think eating clean has helped me tremendously. My poor eating habits caused inflammation and pain…and I thought I was just getting older and the pain was normal! It’s so wonderful to know I don’t have to live with that pain any more! I’m proud I was able to stick to the diet with very little effort. I thought I would be hungry all the time or have cravings but I did not! The meals never left me hungry and cravings were almost non existent. I’m now eating to fuel my body not satisfy a craving I may have.

Karen I can’t thank you enough for your support in making me feel more in control of my life, my health and helping me achieve my goals. You are an inspiration to me to live better, live to my potential and to focus on my own happiness. With that I have learned that no one will take care of me so it’s up to ME to do the best for ME! What’s most important is the example I am setting for my sons. They see now the importance of a healthy lifestyle and strong body to carry them through life… this will forever influence my sons. I’m looking forward to continuing our journey together Karen! – Gretchen M. / Delray Beach, FL


Diva Squad lived up to my expectations 1000%. I was clearly overweight and absolutely out of shape.   I was dealing with a hyperthyroid issue that was impacting my everyday life and activities at its deepest core.  I heard about Diva Squad Fitness ,more precisely Coach Karen, through Andrea Mayo who previously had completed the program with success and great results.  I was prepared because I saw results in Diva Squad’s program through Andrea and later through her mother, Kristina Mayo. I knew that if I was doing business with Diva Squad and I was serious and dedicated to my work out I would have the best results possible, since when you start the program you are taken care of from fitness training to nutrition program.  What I liked best is it is a complete, well thought out program. You are your own enemy and your best chance for success. When you start you have to follow the program created for you, but if it is too intense or not enough for you, readjustments are possible…I loved that. I got back into shape, boosted my metabolism, I eat better (healthier and I control better what I eat), and I sleep better.  My thyroid issues diminished tremendously. I’m most proud of…Everything! The weight loss. The new me!!! But I think finishing the program was very important for me. Look at my photos! When I started and every week after. I don’t think that there is better proof than the visual. THE WEEKLY PICTURES are the booster that will make you go and workout your best because now you have something to look forward to.You just don’t work out in vain you work out with a purpose. To look better.   I was very happy to get to know coach K and she helped me and coached me very professionally through the whole experience and it worked…Thank you very much K… – Alex N. / New York, NY 

Karen was highly recommended by a family friend when I became interested in finding a Bikini contest prep coach. When I started, I thought competing in the bikini division was something I might like, by working with diva squad and Karen it became something I LOVED. Karen made every step of the process not only manageable but enjoyable! The workouts were challenging and pushed me but never to the point of too much and if you made the effort you see the changes being made each week in the progress photos. The fact that everything is designed for you personally also is such a bonus! By working with diva squad I stepped on my first NPC stage completely confident in the package I presented and feeling amazing in my own skin! Diva squad truly made competing doable for someone like myself, I’m a full time student and employee, and Karen really was amazing in keeping the stress to a minimum, and keeping me perfectly on track for the scheduled completion. I also have never felt so amazing in my own skin! The changes that I’ve been able to make with the help of diva squad have truly changed the way I see myself! – Camille F. / Parkland, FL

I hired Diva Squad Fitness after doing research, seeing past clients, and reading the good reviews.  I improved my confidence, self-control, and how I look and I am most proud that I mentally was able to get through a contest prep.  The greatest thing about working with Diva Squad is that Coach K can be contacted at anytime and she responds in a timely manner. This was the best experience ever! – Sheena R. / West Palm Beach 


Before Diva Squad Fitness, I had mostly had trouble with consistency. I would lose 10 pounds, and then gain it back, and then lose it again, etc. I had trouble staying on a program long enough to see consistent progress. I think that I was hesitant to sign up at at first because I was going back and forth between wanting to hire someone and wanting to try again on my own. I think I was a little wedded to the idea of doing everything on my own until I finally realized that having professional help might be the key to success.  I came to a point where I realized that I needed help reach my goals. I had lost weight on my own before, but I was struggling with recreating that success. I talked to a friend about how she got in shape for her bikini show, and she mentioned that having a coach was very helpful for accountability. So she recommended me to Karen!  I’m no longer shy about reaching out for help when needed.

I’ve learned a ton about what has made my progress continue as a result of this program: the meal prepping was especially helpful as well as focusing on intensity of exercise instead of just length. I liked the fact that Karen’s program was detailed and thorough. She was also very encouraging and patient with me when I asked 8943843 questions, haha. Losing fat and inches has definitely been a big benefit. I’ve also found that meal prepping is essential to losing weight. In the past, I always struggled with staying on my meal plan because I would have to make decisions all day long about whether something fit my macros or not. But with meal prepping, I only have to think about that once per week when I cook. That has been invaluable in terms of giving me the key habit that I’ll need to keep losing weight. I’ve also gained a lot more confidence in myself since this is the longest I’ve ever stayed on a weight loss program. So I feel like I’ve reached a new personal development milestone!

If you are thinking about joining Diva Squad Fitness, I would say to go for it.  Having a coach/someone in your corner is more valuable than you might think. It helps to be able to ask questions to someone with a lot of experience like Karen, and it also helps to have someone pushing you and holding you accountable.

I’m most proud of the fact that I’ve stuck with the program, especially for this long. Three months isn’t a very long time, but this is the longest that I’ve been consistent with a diet and exercise program. I’m at a point now where taking more than 1 day off of working out per week or not meal prepping feels odd to me, so I take that as a good sign that my consistency these past 12 weeks has provided me with new habits that will help me reach my final goal weight and body. I finally feel ‘disciplined’ with my body, which is a great feeling. I feel like I’m in control of what I can do with my body, and I feel like I can carve it into anything I want given time and consistency. – Anonymous, Los Angeles, CA

35 pounds & 13.5" lost

So I hired Karen to be my coach January 1st of this year which ended up being one of the best decisions of my life! Pic on the left was 200lbs January 1st and pic on the right was 203lbs December 22nd. Karen is absolutely amazing as a coach! She has so much knowledge about dieting and working out! No matter what obstacle I was having along the way she always had an answer to the problem! She is kind,loving, compassionate and truly cares about the success and health of all her clients. I strongly urge anybody looking for a coach to reach out to her and hire her today! Men this goes for you too you don’t have to go hire a guy just because your a guy! Karen knows how to get results if your a male or female! Don’t get caught up in hiring the biggest freak of a bodybuilder out there because I can guarantee they are not better than Karen! It’s been an amazing year and I can never express my gratitude to Karen for all she has helped me achieve! – Tom P. White Plains, NY

I am so glad I decided to pose with Karen. She not only helped me with posing, but with the entire package – advising me on suit selection, shoe choice (and she was right!), hair extensions, makeup, tanning. I previously took posing lessons from a male coach, and I am so so glad I decided to get Karen’s female perspective. She has competed in every division, so I knew she would be so knowledgeable! I placed first in 3 out of 4 classes, and I know that my package would not have been nearly as great without Karen’s input on my overall look. – Becky R. / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have been working with Karen since January 2017 and can’t believe the changes she has helped me and others make.  Karen is nothing short of outstanding in all aspects of life but especially when it comes to coaching her clients.

When I started with Karen, I was 198lbs. I worked out 2x a day, had recently run the NYC marathon and was a Spartan Race 3x trifecta finisher but still struggled with weight.  I had been heavy almost my entire adult life and lacked confidence because of my physical appearance but just didn’t know how to change on my own.  My husband convinced me in 2017 to enter Blackstone Labs Beat PJ transformation competition and hire Karen at the same time.  It was the best decision.  Karen helped me drop 28lbs in just 12 weeks which was so amazing but on top of it all, she helped me win the Beat PJ competition and win $5,000.

After the competition was over I rehired Karen and just kept dropping more and more weight each week.  I loved my food and it was so nice to have all my workouts planned out for me and changed regularly so I didn’t get stuck in the rut of doing the same routine all the time.

At the end on my 2nd 12 week Program, Karen started helping me prep for my first bikini competition- never in a million years did I think this was a possibility.  On show day I just couldn’t believe how far I had come and loved the experience of the training going into it.  I recently competed again and love how involved Karen is as a coach- I feel like I have her full attention whenever I need it, she genuinely cares about her clients and really wants to help them be successful in achieving their goals.  Karen believed in me and what was possible long before I believed in myself

– I highly recommend Diva Squad Fitness for anyone that struggles or just doesn’t want to have to plan out their food for the day and workouts (makes life so much easier).  Many of my friends and family also hired Karen with amazing results!  Honestly the best decision ever and brought a truly inspiring and amazing person into my life! – Andrea P. / White Plains, NY

A friend of mine was working with Karen and highly recommended her.   It seemed like a lot of of money to spend, but then I thought that I really needed to invest in myself.  Karen has the perfect formula. I didn’t have to think. Simply follow. My schedule and meals were already arranged for me.  Now I am far more conscious about what I put in my mouth. Even if I am tired, I push through and get my workouts it. I have lost weight and become stronger.  Karen can help you reach your goal! – Lisa B. / Middletown, NY