I wanted to thank you once again for all you guidance and dedication with me for the last 15 weeks and I’m so excited to continue our journey together. Goal to meet in person one day !! I was so nervous of living so far from you and how it would be but you made me feel amazing you cared so much for me and always had my best interest in your mind. You have given me the tools to not only be stronger in the gym but stronger mentally !! I have by far the best physique yet.  The work that went into this prep was 100% for sure but like you said this is just the beginning for me and here is to our journey together.  You have no idea how happy I am we are working together !! I’ve honestly had the best experience ! I legit just bragged about you for the last ten minutes in the car. My friends think it’s amazing and said how lucky I am that I have you because how attentive you were before show day and on show day.
Thank you so much Karen- for coaching me to look like this!  I loved working with you ! It’s all about teamwork and we made an awesome team. Thank you for being so supportive the entire journey and never leaving my side on show day.  #bestcoachever.

Danielle A.

I had a small win yesterday. I got a dress for another wedding this weekend, and am usually a 12 maybe 10, and the stylist put me in an 8 and it fit wonderfully. I haven’t been able to wear an 8 in atleast 4 years. Yay for a win!!! I attached the pic of the dress, and my glutes look amazing.
Thank you for all of your help!!

Mandy R.

Karen is an excellent coach and I can’t wait to work with her again! She provided guidance, support and motivation to get me towards my goals as I competed in my first prep and competition. I can honestly say I would not have made it through without her. There were times when I doubted myself and Karen was always there to give me a word of encouragement, keep me on track and pull me through. I could go on and on but the bottom line is Coach Karen knows how to get you ready to compete and succeed! In my first competition I placed 2nd in Novice and 3rd in Open. I know without her I wouldn’t have even made it onto the stage. I can’t wait to do even better at my next show!

Lyn I.

I had met Karen back in 2012, she was training a few clients at my fathers gym, and I immediately liked her. She was very kind to everyone, and I could see she was a professional while I watched her with her clients. About 4 months ago I had seen her posting before and after pictures of her clients and it finally allowed me the courage to talk with her.

I was at a low point, I had a bad back, I was over weight, and I was finally ready to take a leap of faith and try and help myself. Once again, she was as pleasant as ever, and she was very genuine in her enthusiasm for my well being and for my desire to change my life.

Once we began, everything was laid out for me; from my diet, to supplements, to cardio, to weight training.. I didn’t have to think about anything. I was completely taken into consideration as well. She asked my what I like to eat, what I don’t like to eat, when I like to work out, and what I like to work out. She was very cautious of my back, and she was always available if you needed to speak with her.

The great thing about Karen, is how much she cares. I’ve been around trainers my entire adult life. To be a good trainer you need to be aware of people, you need to be able to read people and be able to know how to approach a subject. Telling someone their flaws is a delicate matter, and she handles it very well. She wont lie to you, and she does that because she cares.

It’s easy to tell someone they’re doing well when they’re not, just to make them feel good. Karen will save a compliment for when you’ve earned it, all the while encouraging you to get there. Even after my competition was over, she reached out to give me feedback and to say some very sweet things. Whether you want to compete or want a trainer to help get you in the best shape of your life… Karen’s who you’ll want. You won’t find her wasting your time, and I can’t thank her enough for changing my life, and hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to try competing again in the future with her.

Jennifer H.

Karen and I met many years ago while I was on a cookie cutter competition team. I was seeing minimal results and was treated like a number. My figure preparation workouts and diets were the same as the bikini girls and were not tailored to me like I was told. Now years later, and a 14 months post baby, I decided to contact Karen to train under her. Karen has been so helpful, understanding, and makes me feel like I am important. Throughout my 13 weeks we spoke very often, and when my 13 weeks was coming to an end we spoke every day multiple times a day. She made me feel that I mattered and like I was also her friend. My journey with her in a new division, women’s physique, was incredible. I placed 1st in two divisions, overall, and was nationally qualified in my first show. I went to nationals Miami the following weekend with Karen and placed in top 10 for my very first national show and with 14 weeks of training. Karen told me I made her proud and she was so encouraging when I was the least bit negative. Overall my experience with Karen was amazing, she has changed my life, and I can’t wait to do my next show with her. I recommend her to all women with the will power to compete!

Tia Maria H.

In strategic Michelangelo fashion, Karen Yoakum took a hammer and chisel (or in this case, a training split and a meal plan) to really fine tune my physique. In a little over 6 months under her guidance and attentive eye, I lost over 30 lbs and significantly reduced my body fat – oh, and took home first place in my first ever bikini competition! Stride for stride, she was with me every step of the way making the process that much more effective and enjoyable. Aside from contest preparation, I walked away from the experience with healthier habits that have since contributed to a much happier lifestyle and a wonderful friend. It was an absolute honor to work with her and I cannot wait to begin my next contest prep!

Talia C.

The day I saw Karen at the gym, I knew I wanted HER to be my coach! I was inspired by her physique and the way she carried herself. I lost about 20 lbs in just 3 months! Sounds unbelievable right? Later on, I decided I wanted to compete, I went to Karen (duhh) because I trusted her knowledge. Prep was intense, it was a physical and mental challenge. Thankfully, I had Karen! She was always there to support me and motivate me. Even at the competition she was backstage making sure the girls and I were fine, watching us on stage. Words do me no justice to describe how wonderful she is as a person and coach. Thank you Karen for bringing out the best in me. I look forward to working with you again!

Sofia V.

Well my scale says I am 148.4lbs. I almost don’t believe it, like it must be wrong. How am I doing less than half the amount of cardio, lifting weights for half the time I used to and eating food I actually like. This is insane. If anyone ever asks what magic pill I use I’m telling them Karen! Haha. But seriously, this is awesome. With my last coach it took twice the amount of time to lose this weight and twice the amount of effort and I was absolutely miserable. Every single week I am so excited for another week now and so happy. I’m going to thank you every single week and it still won’t be enough, haha. Thank you, Karen!

Stephanie R.

Initially I worked with Karen in October of 2013 because I was impressed by her physique and how fit she was. My goal back then was to gain some muscle mass. It was not until April of 2014 that I decided to take it to the next level and actually compete for the first time in an NPC Bikini Division. I knew I could not do it alone and felt I could trust Karen’s guidance. Competing was one of the hardest goals I have ever accomplished in my life! But as the great coach that she is, Karen was there every step of the way to motivate, encourage, teach and prepare me. I did the best I could to apply every instruction and advice. I was truly blown away on the day of the competition as I saw firsthand the value of her knowledge. Everything she told me proved to be true! Her help in my preparation was truly how I was able to not only get on stage as fit as ever, but also bring home three trophies – one as the Overall Bikini Winner! It was truly an amazing experience and could not have done it without her. Whatever your fitness goals are, Karen can definitely deliver! Not only is she a knowledgeable trainer and true professional, but she genuinely cares and wants her clients to be satisfied! It does not get better than that! Thanks Karen! I look forward to working with you again!

Juliana Toro

Karen really helped me to achieve the weight loss and physical fitness results I was looking for. She devised a physical workout regimen for my weight loss & fitness goals, and a great food plan tailored specifically to meet my nutritional needs in support of these goals. By adhering to the combined food and workout programs that she created for me each month, I was able to lose over 28 lbs of fat, and also reduced my cholesterol levels too as a result of eating healthier and becoming more fit! Now I have more lean muscle, increased strength and stamina, and feel more energetic throughout the day.
Karen’s professionalism in her commitment to helping me achieve those results was tremendous. She is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive and motivated me whenever I needed to be motivated. She also always made her herself available throughout the day via email or text, to answer any of my questions regarding the nutritional or physical training aspects of my program, and she was always quick to respond with an answer.
Needless to say, I am extremely happy that I have Karen as my fitness trainer & nutritional coach. I highly recommend Karen to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life by improving their body and fitness levels!

Kirk A.