When choosing a contest prep coach for the Bikini, Figure, and Women’s Physique divisions, there are many things to consider. As a paying customer you should do your research and a fitness coach should be able to explain to you what they have to offer you.

Ability to assess athletes’ physique & needs:
A fantastic prep coach is one who can look at a physique and determine what improvements need to be made during the contest prep or the off season. The coach should be able to tell you your strengths and weaknesses, regularly assess your photos & provide feedback, adjust your program when needed, assist you in choosing which bodybuilding contests will suit you best, and most importantly – learn your physique! What will work for one athlete, may not work for another athlete. As you continue to work with your contest prep coach, they should be paying attention to what works best for you, as an individual.

Judging criteria:
Your prep coach should be highly knowledgeable when it comes to what the judges are looking for and should prep you accordingly.

The coach you choose should get along well with most of the people in the industry, they should respect other coaches and athletes, they should respect the judges, and show respect to all of the staff associated with the competitions. Your coach’s reputation will reflect on you. Just because you work with a great trainer in your local gym, does not mean that trainer is someone who can provide you with the tools you need for a contest prep.

Speak to their current athletes:
Current athletes of prep coaches will be happy to provide feedback to you about their coach.

Read athlete testimonials:
Testimonials provided by athletes can provide you with detailed information about the contest prep coach’s strengths.

Like anything you buy, you don’t always want the cheapest price and you may not want the absolute most expensive, but perhaps something in the middle that is competitive and affordable. If the contest prep coach charges a very low rate, then you need to investigate more to find out if the prep coach offers all that you will need. Maybe the cheapest coach will save you money, but will you be eating the same diet for 16 weeks? Doing the same workouts? Will you ever speak to this person? Will they tweak your program as needed along the way? Will they provide Bikini posing, Figure posing, or Women’s Physique (WPD) posing which is crucial to your success? Ask questions and make sure that you are not just comparing price when it comes to choosing a coach – you need to know what is being offered and assess the value. The availability of your coach, the individual attention the coach can provide you, having someone to answer your questions and making you feel important can go a very long way. You are putting a lot of time, money, and effort into a contest prep and you deserve a coach that values your prep as much as you do.

Year-Round Guidance:
Prep is over and now what? Your health and physical fitness are still important when you get off of the stage. Look for someone that can offer year-round guidance specific to your health and your needed improvements.

What does a true coach offer?
Whether you are preparing for a Bikini Contest Prep, a Figure Contest Prep, or a Women’s Physique contest prep you need a prep coach that is going to put work in for you.

Your contest prep coach should motivate you, pick you up when you are down, keep you on track, provide a program specific to your needs and treat you like a paying customer.